SARD: The “E.T. Call Home Tool”

SARD: THE “E.T., CALL HOME” TOOL. Crystal Info Session 208


Sard is a red-brown variety of Chalcedony and thought to be named for Sardes, a town in Asia Minor.

Some mineralogists don’t make a strict separation of Sard from Carnelian because they have common deposits and uses, so some insist it’s any red-and-black layered Agate, while others are just as certain it’s any form of colorless or nearly-colorless Agate with no special name. Often mistaken for Carnelian, Sard does in fact eventually grade into it if left alone long enough.

So to simplify, Sard can be any color from brown, orange-brown, reddish-brown, or nearly colorless. But no matter what else, Sard’s been one of our favorites for carvings and jewelry for centuries. Artifically colored Sard is produced from plain Chalcedony by a saturation in a sugar solution – just so you know.


Used by the ancients as a protection against incantations and sorcery, it was also used to sharpen the intellect of its owner and help him and her become fearless and victorious in both thought and action. The red color of Sard was supposed to neutralize the malignant influence of any darkness (including dark stones), driving away bad dreams and melancholy thoughts.

By the late 6th century, Sard was used by the Christian Fathers as a symbol of the blood of the martyrs and associated with the Apostle Phillip. It was also named as the 6th Foundation Stone in the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations, and believed to be one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest of the Hebrews.

Just from the above alone, you can tell it has almost always been considered a major protection stone, usually worn around the neck to protect against outside negative attacks of any kind from anywhere. Sign me up, especially these days.

Sard is the “E.T., call home” stone, helping you recognize and reconnect with your own true home. Traditionally used to boost the actions of all other agates, it was especially beneficial in any healing procedures, with a long history to strengthen the liver, gall bladder, lungs, and intestinal tract. And – ready? – it helps align the physical and astral subtle energy bodies, easing any fear and tension related to them.

Bonus: also a long history of use to attract wealth and prosperity. No doubt why it was also used to attract happiness.

Another stellar example of the seemingly ordinary that often are the most helpful, and that you don’t need to max out your credit to get what you need.


Outstanding protection tool – physically and otherwise

Shield against negative attacks of all types

Attracts wealth, prosperity, happiness

Helps align the physical and astral subtle energy bodies

Supplements actions of all other agates

The E.T., call home stone.


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